Thursday, March 28, 2019: Fellow Craft Degree

Forty-five Masons from as far away as Sweden and Newfoundland attended the Fellow Craft Degree at Gulf Beach Lodge last night. Prior to the Degree the brothers enjoyed a steak dinner prepared by Junior Warden Mark Sawa-Szostak.

Brother Tasos John Oureilidis was passed to the Degree of Fellow Craft in very fine fashion by the officers of the Lodge. The Winding Stairs Lecture was delivered by R:.W:. Howard Knapp and the Charge by Brother Bobby Burkett II.

Thursday, March 21, 2019: Stated Meeting

Thirty-four Masons enjoyed an evening filled with great fellowship and brotherly love. Here is what went on.

  • The brothers enjoyed a meal prepared by the Ladies of our OES Chapter
  • Ms. Emma Mattes was recognized and honored with a certificate for her donation of an American Flag which flew over the US Capitol Building.
  • R:.W:. Knapp gave Masonic Education on the Flag and the Masons who influenced it
  • Cards and/or flowers were sent to our sick and distressed brothers
  • W:. Donald Harriott received his 65 year certificate and pin presented by W:. Ralph Vaughan
  • R:.W:. ‘Porky’ presented W:. Harriott a ‘Masonic’ cane.
  • Brs:. Jon Vonderau, Olien Hill and Stephen Johnson were recognized for their efforts in helping prepare the Masonic Home for Pilgrimage Day
  • The craft donated $100.00 to the Florida DeMolay for Masonic Youth Month

It was a wonderful night of fellowship and brotherly love!

David Neville, Master; Br:. Roy Puccini; Ms. Emma Mattes; Br:. Steve Johnson, Senior Deacon
David Neville, Master; W:. Don Harriott; W:. Ralph Vaughan

Thursday, March 7, 2019: Stated Meeting

Thirty-four Masons from as far away as Stockholm, Sweden attended our meeting last night, and what a great night of brotherhood it was….here is what we accomplished as Masons.

  • The brothers enjoyed a homemade Mac & Cheese dinner prior to the meeting (kudos Br:. Sawa-Szostak, Junior Warden)
  • Br:. Tasos Ourelidis returned an outstanding EA catechism
  • Br:. Buck Owens received his Masonic Leadership Training Certificate and pin
  • Brother Mats Hanson of Svea Provincial Lodge in Stockholm, Sweden was recognized
  • W:. Bill Yarborough, District 18 Masonic Youth Committee Chairman spoke on Masonic Youth
  • The brothers donated $200.00 to the Florida Masonic Youth Charity
  • The brothers donated $100.00 to the American Heart Assn in honor of Br:. Sawa-Szostak’s father.
  • Brother Mats Hanson gave Masonic Education on the differences between US and Swedish Freemasonry.
  • It was a wonderful night of fellowship and brotherly love!
S:.W:. Patrick Lynch and Bro:. Owens
Bro:. Lynch with Bro:. Mats Hanson
Gulf Beach Masonic Lodge, No. 291, F & A M