Saturday, August 4, 2018: Trolley Ride Through Ybor City, Tampa

Saturday, August 4, 1018: Trolley Ride Through Ybor City
Friday Jul 27 2018
On Saturday August 4th, brothers and their family from Gulf Beach Lodge will be going on a social outing! We will be taking a short trip over to Ybor City (Tampa) to take the open Trolley Ride through Ybor City.

The trip starts at Centennial Park (1800 E. 8th Ave in Ybor City), passes the Marti Monument, the old cigar factory, the TECO Trolley Facility, Amtrak, Tampa Docks, Cruise Terminal, Tampa Aquarium, Channel-side, Amalie Arena, Dick Greco Plaza, Convention Center and back to the end of the line.

After the Trolley Ride we will have lunch at Tampa Bay Brewing Company (1600 E 8th Ave. Ybor City)where you can enjoy a traditional Cuban sandwich (or other great foods).

If you would like to car pool, some of the brothers will meet at Lodge at 10:45 AM Saturday (Aug 4th) and leave at 11:00AM to arrive in Ybor City at 11:30AM.

We will meet in Ybor City Centennial Park Parking Lot at 11:30 AM and proceed to the Trolley.

The Trolley Ride is FREE on Saturdays. You will have to pay for parking and your own lunch.

This is open to brothers, family, and friends. Please email the Secretary if you would like to attend:

Lodge is Dark During July and August

July and August, 2018: Lodge is Dark
Thursday Jun 28 2018
Masonically “Dark” means that there will be no Masonic meetings. However there are some events scheduled so far in July. Please frequently check this Events page, the Calendar, and the Newsletter pages for information.