Thursday, March 21, 2019: Stated Meeting

Thirty-four Masons enjoyed an evening filled with great fellowship and brotherly love. Here is what went on.

  • The brothers enjoyed a meal prepared by the Ladies of our OES Chapter
  • Ms. Emma Mattes was recognized and honored with a certificate for her donation of an American Flag which flew over the US Capitol Building.
  • R:.W:. Knapp gave Masonic Education on the Flag and the Masons who influenced it
  • Cards and/or flowers were sent to our sick and distressed brothers
  • W:. Donald Harriott received his 65 year certificate and pin presented by W:. Ralph Vaughan
  • R:.W:. ‘Porky’ presented W:. Harriott a ‘Masonic’ cane.
  • Brs:. Jon Vonderau, Olien Hill and Stephen Johnson were recognized for their efforts in helping prepare the Masonic Home for Pilgrimage Day
  • The craft donated $100.00 to the Florida DeMolay for Masonic Youth Month

It was a wonderful night of fellowship and brotherly love!

David Neville, Master; Br:. Roy Puccini; Ms. Emma Mattes; Br:. Steve Johnson, Senior Deacon
David Neville, Master; W:. Don Harriott; W:. Ralph Vaughan

Thursday, March 14, 2019: Dinner; Followed by a Family-Friendly Movie

It was a wonderful Family Night event last night at Gulf Beach Lodge! Our Junior Warden, Mark Sawa-Szostak, along with his kitchen crew, provided a very delicious BBQ rib dinner with all the traditional sides.

Following dinner the Lodge recognized Phillip Lynch for earning a Gold Medal in the recent Special Olympics, and also on his 25 years of employment at Taco Bell. Gulf Beach Lodge recently made a donation to the local Special Olympics organization in honor of Phillip.

Finally, everyone retired upstairs for a free-showing of the Pirates of the Caribbean Movie on the big screen.

It was a very enjoyable evening.

Thursday, March 7, 2019: Stated Meeting

Thirty-four Masons from as far away as Stockholm, Sweden attended our meeting last night, and what a great night of brotherhood it was….here is what we accomplished as Masons.

  • The brothers enjoyed a homemade Mac & Cheese dinner prior to the meeting (kudos Br:. Sawa-Szostak, Junior Warden)
  • Br:. Tasos Ourelidis returned an outstanding EA catechism
  • Br:. Buck Owens received his Masonic Leadership Training Certificate and pin
  • Brother Mats Hanson of Svea Provincial Lodge in Stockholm, Sweden was recognized
  • W:. Bill Yarborough, District 18 Masonic Youth Committee Chairman spoke on Masonic Youth
  • The brothers donated $200.00 to the Florida Masonic Youth Charity
  • The brothers donated $100.00 to the American Heart Assn in honor of Br:. Sawa-Szostak’s father.
  • Brother Mats Hanson gave Masonic Education on the differences between US and Swedish Freemasonry.
  • It was a wonderful night of fellowship and brotherly love!
S:.W:. Patrick Lynch and Bro:. Owens
Bro:. Lynch with Bro:. Mats Hanson

Thursday, February 28, 2019: Master Mason Degree

Forty-eight Masons enjoyed a wonderful dinner followed by an excellent Master Mason degree at Gulf Beach Lodge. We congratulate Brother Gregg Pappas on being raised a Master Mason. Brother Robert Guthrie, the newest Master Mason from Northside Lodge, presented Brother Pappas the District 18 Unity gavel. The lecture was delivered by R:.W:. Howard Knapp and the Charge by Br:. Mark Sawa-Szostak. Also attending was M:.W:. Gerald Sharpe, Past Grand Master of New Jersey.

Thursday, February 21, 2019: Stated Meeting

What a great night of Freemasonry last night at Gulf Beach Lodge. Here is what we accomplished:

Members of the OES prepared a wonderful meal prior to the meeting.

Br:. Robert C. Meeks was made an Honorary Past Master of Gulf Beach Lodge.

Flowers and/or cards were sent to our sick and distressed brothers and families.

Five first time visitors were present, including Past Grand Master of New Jersey, M:.W:. Gerald Sharper.

R:.W:. Matt Winters, DDGM, was in attendance and recognized.

R:.W:. Howard Knapp received his MLT certificate and pin from W:. Steve Nelson, D18 Chairman of MLT. (Large Photo)

Brothers volunteered to work at the D18 Valspar Fundraiser.

Brothers volunteered to work at the Pilgrimage Day at the Masonic Home.

The craft donated $100.00 to the St. Petersburg Free Clinic.

R:.W:. Knapp gave Masonic Education on the history of Pleyel’s Hymn from the Master Mason Degree.

Hon. P.M. Meeks at right with W:.Master David Neville
L-R: R:.W:.Knapp; W:. Nelson; R:.W:. Winters; W:.M: Neville

Thursday, February 7, 2019: Stated Meeting

Please join us for our Stated Meeting at 7:30 pm. There will be a light buffet served at 6:30. First-time visitors: Kindly read the Information for Visitors article here.

What a great night of Freemasonry last night at Gulf Beach Lodge. Here is what we accomplished: Wonderful fellowship prior to the meeting with Chili prepared by the Junior Warden.

Flowers and/or cards were sent to our sick and distressed brothers.

W:. Wes Stacknik received his 25-year certificate and pin.

Brothers Garry Buzzell and Howard Knapp receive Master Mason Exam certificates from D18 Chairman W:. John Gunter.

The Senior Warden reported that the audit committee found the 2018 Lodge financial books to be accurate and complete.

The Junior Warden reported that the Masters Project Dinner, Empty Chair Ceremony Dinner and the Lodge of Sorrow dinner as well as the February breakfast were all a great success.

The Grand Master approved the Bylaws Change for a $15.00 dues increase.

The craft voted to place a deserving brother on Emeritus Status.

The craft voted to provide our local on duty Madeira Beach Fire Department with free meals at our events in 2019.

The craft voted to donated $100 to the Tampa Fire Museum.

The craft voted to donate $40 to the Amaranth for their Annual Communication Ad Booklet.

The craft voted to donate $100 to the Special Olympics of Pinellas County.

Brother Sawa-Szostak gave Masonic Education on the Public Education and Citizenship Program.

Reminder that Lodge will be dark next Thursday for you to take your lady out on Valentine’s Day.

Wor. Stacknik receives 25-year recognition
(L-R) W:. John Gunter, Howard Knapp, Garry Buzzell

Thursday, January 31, 2019: Open Lodge of Sorrow

Gulf  Beach Masonic Lodge, located at 14020 Marguerite Dr. in Madeira Beach held its annual Lodge of Sorrow on Thursday January 31st to honor and remember those members of the Lodge who passed away during 2018. Prior to the ceremony the brothers and guests enjoyed a wonderful meal prepared by the Junior Warden, Mark Sawa-Szostak, after which they retired to the Lodge room for this special ceremony of remembrance. This ceremony, over 150 years old, was open to the public and attended by Masons and non-Masons alike. Unlike the solemn funeral services rendered by a Masonic Lodge at the death of a brother, this ceremony is designed to honor their memory and to pay respect to the many things they accomplished during their lives. The Worshipful Master and officers of the Lodge are dressed in black with white gloves and Masonic aprons. After introductory remarks by the principal officers a procession is formed and symbolic emblems are placed on the altar in remembrance of our departed brothers.  Gulf Beach Lodge remembered five departed brothers from 2018, Steven Fetherman (Past Master), John Denehan (Past Master), Craig Cramer (Past Master), Ed Villiaume III (Past Master/Past District Instructor) and Steven Goodman (Master Mason).
(Photo: L-R Howard Knapp, Buck Owens, Steve Johnson,Patrick Lynch, David Neville, Mark Sawa-Szostak, Joe Sosa, Craig Hunter, Don Harriott, Howard Feldman)