Thursday, June 20, 2019: Stated Meeting

If you missed the meeting last night, here are some of the great things that were accomplished.

  • Our OES prepared a pot pie dinner prior to the meeting
  • Br∴ Jim Frobe was installed as Musician by the Master
  • A first time visitor from Linden Lodge 637 in Ohio was welcomed
  • Cards were sent to our sick and distressed brothers
  • Br∴ Greg Pappas returned his Master Mason Catechism
  • R∴W∴ Howard Knapp presented Br∴ Pappas his lambskin apron (photo bottom right)
  • W∴ David Neville presented Br∴ Pappas his catechism proficiency card
  • W∴ Neville presented Br∴ Frobe his officer name badge
  • W∴ Oscar Salazar received the 2018 Masonic Education Award and the Adopt A Classroom Award from Grand Lodge (photo left below)
  • Brs∴ Tracy Livingston and Gregg Pappas received their Master Mason Certificates (photo below at right)
  • The brothers approved moving forward with volunteering with Keep Pinellas Beautiful
  • The craft donated $200 for the MDA Bowl-a-thon 
  • The craft donated $75 to the refurbishing of historic Masons Hall in Richmond Virginia
  • R∴W∴ Howard Knapp presented Masonic Education on Yorktown Lodge No. 205 in Yorktown Virginia which he visited this week.
  • Next Thursday is the last meeting before going Dark for July & August. 

Thursday, June 6, 2019: Stated Meeting with Official Visit of our new District Deputy Grand Master

R∴W∴ Rick Wendling, District Deputy Grand Master of District 18, held his first official visit at Gulf Beach Lodge No. 291 last night in presence of 44 members and visitors. Traveling with R∴W∴ Rick were the District Instructor, R∴H∴ Tom Quay along with 12 of the District Committeemen.

The evening began with a wonderful meal prepared by the Junior Warden, Mark Sawa-Szostak.  Here is the business that was conducted.

  • Introduction and Grand Honors for the DDGM
  • Introduction of dignitaries in attendance
  • First time visitors from Rhode Island and Punta Gorda were welcomed
  • A prayer and moment of silence was offered in memory of W∴W∴ John E. Karroum
  • The craft donated $100 to the Rainbow Girls and $100 to the DeMolay in memory of M∴W∴ Karroum
  • The craft voted to donate $200 to a fundraiser in Madeira Beach raising money to offset the expense of a kidney transplant for the husband of the Fire Chief’s Administrative Assistant.
  • A moment of silence was offered in honor of D-Day and Br ∴ Dean Fink was recognized as our last WWII veteran at Gulf Beach Lodge.
  • R∴W∴ Rick Wendling was presented an Honorary Membership to Gulf Beach Lodge
  • Brs∴ Mark Sawa-Szostak and Roy Puccini received certificates from the Suncoast Master Mason Assn. for their participation in the recent Valspar Fundraiser
  • The District Committeemen each gave a short talk on their committee
  • R∴W∴ Wendling gave Masonic Education on the duties of the Lodge Investigating Committee
  • R∴W∴ Wendling gave the Grand Master’s Address which was well received.

Thursday, May 23, 2019: Called Communication

Twenty-nine Masons from as far away as Wisconsin and Rhode Island joined other members and visitors at Gulf Beach Lodge last night for an evening of fellowship and education. R:.W:. Howard Knapp gave a talk on the symbolism within the Entered Apprentice Degree. A great time was had by all.

Thursday, May 16, 2019: Stated Meeting

It was a great evening of fellowship and Masonry last night at Gulf Beach Lodge. Here is what we did.

  • Brother Steve Gordy received his 25 year certificate and pin from the Master (image below at left)
  • Brother Mark Sawa-Szostak reported that our Cinco de Mayo breakfast was a success
  • W:. Bob Meeks reported that we are all set to present the 12 bicycles for the Bikes for Books tomorrow at Madeira Beach Fundamental School.
  • W:. David Neville congratulated our PR committee for the 8 articles that were in the recent Florida Mason Magazine.
  • The craft donated $100.00 to the Keep Pinellas Beautiful Program
  • The craft gave their direction for our Grand Lodge delegates on the last five Proposed Legislative Resolutions.
  • W:. David Neville received a Grand Lodge of Wisconsin pin from W:. John Marra (image below at right)

We hope to see you next Thursday at our called communication.

Thursday, May 9, 2019: Entered Apprentice Degree

Join us in welcoming our newest Entered Apprentice at Gulf Beach Lodge No. 291. Brother Alexander Rolinitis was initiated last night at a flawless degree conferred by the Lodge officers. The lecture was delivered by R:.W:. Howard Knapp, the Charge by W:. David Neville and the Lambskin Poem by Br:. Mark Sawa-Szostak.

Welcome Brother Alexander to the greatest fraternity in the world!

Thursday, May 2, 2019: Stated Meeting

It was a wonderful evening of fellowship and brotherly love last night at Gulf Beach Lodge, here is what we did.

  • The brothers enjoyed a hearty cowboy casserole prepared by the Junior Warden
  • The Master recognized M:.W:. Richard G. Hoover and W:. Bill Sundquist
  • A first time visitor from Alabama was welcomed
  • Cards were sent out to our sick and distressed brothers and family
  • A petitioner was elected to receive the Three Degrees (EA Degree next week)
  • Br:. Steve Johnson received his LOTC I certificate from W:. John Gunter, D18 Chairman of Masonic Education (photo above. Bro. Johnson at right)
  • Our Lodge Scholarship was presented this week to Ms. Kotha of Boca Ciega High School
  • W:. Bob Meeks announced that the bicycles for our Bikes for Books program are purchased
  • The craft donated $100.00 to the Boley Center
  • Br: Craig Hunter is looking into the Lodge volunteering for Keep Pinellas Beautiful
  • Nine members of Nitram Lodge were present to pass on the SMMA Hot Gavel to Gulf Beach Lodge (photo below)

It was a very enjoyable evening and everyone had a great time. Join us next week for the EA Degree, meal at 6:30 PM, degree at 7:30 PM.

Thursday, April 25, 2019: CrazyHawaiian Shirt Night

It was an outstanding night of friendship and brotherly love last night at Gulf Beach Lodge. Prior to the Lodge meeting the officers rendered solemn Masonic Funeral Services for W:. CD Kennedy at the Bay Pines National Cemetery. The officers then made a quick change from funeral attire to Hawaiian shirts for the Hawaiian Shirt Night at the Lodge. The Junior Warden, Mark Sawa-Szostak prepared a great dinner with the assistance of his kitchen crew.

After dinner the brothers retired upstairs for a night of Masonic Education. The meeting started with the brothers present considering five of the legislation proposals for the upcoming Grand Lodge Communication in May.

Next, R:.W:. Howard Knapp gave a short talk on Prince Hall Freemasonry, its roots and heritage. There were many good questions and comments.

Finally, Brother Mark Sawa-Szostak won the Hawaiian shirt contest and presented a Masonic stein by the Master. It was a great evening enjoyed by all in attendance.