Thursday, October 7, 2021: Stated Meeting

Much was accomplished at our meeting last night, here is what we did.

  • Two brothers from Missouri were warmly welcomed 
  • Cards were sent to our sick and distressed brothers
  • A Petition for Affiliation was read
  • The craft donated $100.00 to the Grand Master’s Charity
  • The craft donated $100.00 to the 1st Lady’s Project
  • The craft donated $250.00 to sponsor a whole at the Chamber of Commerce Golf Tournament (proceeds going to the Madeira Beach and TI Rec. Dept. youth programs)
  • The Craft donated $100.00 to the St. Petersburg Free Clinic
  • The Senior Warden, Brother Steve Johnson, announced a Lodge Clean Up Day for this coming Saturday at 10AM – he requested assistance from the members
  • R∴W∴ Jim Charrette gave Masonic Education on Masonic Etiquette
  • R∴W∴ Howard Knapp presented education on the link between Star Lodge No. 78 and Gulf Beach Lodge, Star Lodge having been our sponsoring Lodge on our trek to receiving a charter in 1950. 

It was a wonderful evening of fellowship and brotherly love. Make plans to join us next Thursday evening a get those Masonic batteries recharged.

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Thursday, September 30, 2021: Empty Chair Ceremony

Gulf Beach Lodge held an Empty Chair Ceremony this evening to recognize and celebrate those who have served in the armed forces or as first responders; especially those who were Freemasons.

The Empty Chair Ceremony was first performed in the United States to honor Corporal John Holt Beever, a member of the U.S. Cavalry, and a Freemason under the Grand Lodge of England. He was killed in action on the northern plains; being the first known Mason to give his life in uniform in the region then known as the Dakota Territory.

The Ceremony comes to us from the Grand Lodge of North Dakota.

The Dakota Territory in the 1860s extended westward to the Rocky Mountains from Minnesota and Iowa. It bordered north of Nebraska and included significant portions of the future states of Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota, and South Dakota.

This solemn ceremony was very well received by all in attendance.

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Thursday, September 23, 2021: Master Mason Degree

Gulf Beach Lodge was proud to be host Lodge for the Firefighter Degree Team last night.

Brother Charles William Russell III, Firefighter at Safety Harbor Fire Rescue, and member of Tampa Bay Lodge No. 252, was raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason.

Sixty-eight members and visitors were present, including the Grand Master, M∴W∴ Jeffrey Foster (who was made an Honorary Fire Chief); Deputy Grand Master, R∴W∴ Robert Lambert; Senior Grand Warden, R∴W∴ Glenn Bishop; Junior Grand Warden, R∴W∴ Donald Cowart; District Deputy Grand Master, R∴W∴ James Charrette, and District Instructor, R∴W∴ Rick Wendling. Also in attendance were Past Grand Master’s M∴W∴ Louis King and M∴W∴ Richard Hoover.

The Firefighter Degree Team represented nine Fire Departments including, Madeira Beach Fire Rescue, Hillsborough County Fire Rescue, Pasco County Fire Rescue, East Lake Fire Rescue, Hope Jackson Fire Rescue (Scituate, RI), East Brunswick Fire Rescue (East Brunswick NJ), Tarpon Springs Fire Rescue, Safety Harbor Fire Rescue, and Woodward Township Fire Rescue, Pa.

The Team for the 1st Section was:
WM – Howard Knapp – Hillsborough Co. Fire Rescue
SW – Rick Wendling – Eastlake Fire Rescue
JW – Rick Caravona – Pasco Co. Fire Rescue
SD – Derryl O’Neal – Madeira Beach Fire Rescue
JD – Ray Hughes – Hillsborough Co. Fire Rescue
SS – Tim Delaney – Hope Jackson Fire Dept, Scituate RI
JS – Jim Tizzano – East Brunswick Fire Dept. E. Brunswick NJ
Tyler – Mark Goldfeder – Tarpon Springs Fire Rescue
Marshall – Mike Manning – Hillsborough Co. Fire Rescue
Treasurer – Dom Bueller – Madeira Beach Fire Rescue
Chaplain – Joe Backes – Pasco Co. Fire Rescue

The Team for the 2nd Section was:
KS – Howard Knapp
SGW – Rick Hoover
SGD – Mike Rhoades
JGD – Buck Owens
GS – Mike Manning
GC – Tom Farkas
JA – Rick Wendling
JO – Ray Hughes
JU – Ron McMillan
10 – David Neville
11 – Dom Bueller
12 – Derryl O’Neal
Sea Capt/Wayfaring Man- Lou Ange

The Lecture was delivered by R∴W∴ Howard Knapp
The Charge was delivered by Br∴ Tom Farkas

$550.00 was collected as a donation for Lt. Ashley White of Palm Harbor Fire Rescue who was seriously injured this week on an emergency call when she was struck by a car.

Degree Team with Candidate
Florida Grand Lodge Officers with Candidate
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