September 27, 2021

L-R Steve Johnson, Senior Warden at Gulf Beach Lodge; Mark Sawa-Szostak, Worshipful Master at Gulf Beach Lodge; Mrs. Kelly Kennedy, Principal; Mrs. Kristina Miles, Community Liaison

Gulf Beach Masonic Lodge, located at 14020 Marguerite Dr. in Madeira Beach, recently supported Oakhurst Elementary School’s “Character Book” program by donating $250.00 to the school. This program is designed to help teach students personal characteristics such as responsibility, kindness and sincerity. They do this by purchasing 52 books a month, one for each classroom at an average cost of $10 per book. These books focus on the “character word of the month” and are purchased through funds raised within the community. Gulf Beach Masonic Lodge encourages other community organizations to get behind this worthy project and consider making a donation to Oakhurst Elementary School.
Oakhurst Elementary School is dedicated to educating and inspiring each student to reach maximum potential, become lifelong learners and responsible citizens.

September 23, 2021

Lt. Ashley White

Gulf Beach Lodge No. 291 and Tampa Bay Lodge No. 252 jointly donated $550.00 to the fund raiser for Lt. Ashley White with Palm Harbor Fire Rescue. Lt. White was working a vehicle crash last week when a truck, out of control, struck her as she was attending to victims on the scene. Lt White suffered severe injuries and had to undergo surgery. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Lt. White and her family. The $550.00 donation was collected at a special Firefighter Masonic Degree that was conferred on September 23rd at Gulf Beach Lodge for a member of Tampa Bay Lodge and will be added to the outpouring of financial support that is coming in from the community to help offset the financial burden this will have caused.

September 10, 2021: Gulf Beach Lodge Adopts a Classroom

(L-R) Mr. Dave Bostick (2nd Grade Teacher), Ms. Stacie Allen (Community Liaison), Mark Sawa-Szostak (Master of Gulf Beach Masonic Lodge)

Gulf Beach Masonic Lodge, located at 14020 Marguerite Dr. in Madeira Beach, recently took part in the Pinellas County Adopt a Teacher/Class program by adopting Mr. Dave Bostick’s 2nd Grade Classroom at Madeira Beach Fundamental School. For a donation of $150.00 an individual or business can adopt a classroom or teacher which will assist them in procuring educational items for their students. Gulf Beach Lodge also donated $100.00 to the school’s ‘student incentive program’ which is designed to provide positive reinforcement for those students who demonstrate excellence. Gulf Beach Masonic Lodge encourages individuals, organizations and businesses to consider taking part in these worthy programs and help our public school teachers accomplish their goals. Madeira Beach Fundamental School works within the fundamental guidelines, to academically challenge, stimulate creativity and increase student achievement. They do this by working collaboratively with parents and community partners and by fostering a safe and nurturing environment where students are encouraged to reach their maximum potential.

Gulf Beach Masonic Lodge No. 291 was chartered in 1950 and has been an active force on the Gulf Beaches for over 71 years. Its members have included bankers, contractors, teachers, Congressmen, soldiers, pharmacists, police, firefighters, and a myriad of men from all walks of life. Freemasonry is open to men ages 18 and above and offers an opportunity to be proactive in the community as well as to be a part of a fraternity that dates back three hundred years. Some notable Freemasons were George Washington (and 15 other US Presidents), Ben Franklin, Henry Ford, Red Skelton, and General Douglas MacArthur.