Elected & Appointed Officers for Year 2021

W∴ Master Mark Sawa-Szostak  727-631-8836

Sr∴  Warden Stephen D. Johnson 603-205-4158

Jr∴ Warden Joe Sosa 727-459-1461

Treasurer Jim Charrette, P.M. 508-965-2843

Secretary David Neville, PM 727-452-5776

Chaplain Cozy DeRosa 727-320-4685


Sr∴  Deacon Bobby Burkett II 727-204-5027

Jr∴ Deacon Buck Owens 407-491-2850

Sr∴  Steward Tim Delaney 401-692-0041

Jr∴  Steward Charles (Chip) Cahall 727-688-1956

Marshall Richard Hightower 727-422-9172

Tyler Billy Sewell 502-418-6001 

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