Thursday, September 3, 2020: Stated Meeting

Gulf Beach Lodge reopened last night following six months of Covid-19 darkness. It was great to be back meeting in person, even with masks and social distancing. Twenty-four members enjoyed a wonderful evening of fellowship and brotherly love. Here is what we accomplished.

  • Brother Chip Cahall returned a fantastic EA Catechism and was congratulated by the members present with a resounding applause
  • Cards were signed and sent to our sick and distressed brothers
  • A Petition was read for the Three Degrees
  • A Petition was read for Affiliation
  • Two Resolutions were read to make two Masons Honorary members of Gulf Beach Lodge (final ballot will be at the next business meeting)
  • Two petitioners were elected to receive the Three Symbolic Degrees in Freemasonry
  • Brother Richard Hightower was elected into membership and was congratulated and welcomed 
  • The craft donated $200.00 from the Charity Fund for the Hurricane Laura relief efforts
  • R∴W∴ Howard Knapp gave Masonic Education on ‘A Brotherhood Undivided’ which was well received by the members present

As you can see there was much accomplished last night!

As a reminder, there will be no meeting Thursday (September 10th) . The next meeting will be on Thursday September 17th 

Gulf Beach Masonic Lodge, No. 291, F & A M