Thursday, September 5, 2019: Stated Meeting

It was great to be back from a long and restful summer break. Thirty masons from as far away as Kentucky came to enjoy a night of fellowship. Here is what went on….

  • Br∴Tasos Oureilidis returned a fantastic fellowcraft catechism led by Br∴ Buck Owens.
  • A first-time visitor from Hiram Lodge No. 4 in Kentucky was in attendance.
  • Cards were sent out to our sick and distressed brothers and families.
  • The petition of Br∴ Tim Delaney for dual membership was read.
  • Brs∴ Bobby Burkett and Steve Johnson received their purple cards and certificates from R∴W∴ Ron MacMillan, District 18 Chairman of Masonic Education, for completing all the lodge officer training courses (photo at left; Br:. Johnson is in the center).
  • Br∴ Joe Sosa received his perpetual membership card, certificate, and pin (photo at right; Br. Sosa appears at right of W:. Master).
  • The craft donated $100 to Beech Grove Lodge 694 in Indiana, following a devastating fire which destroyed their Lodge.
  • The craft approved the casting of our 70th Anniversary Coins for 2020.
  • A resolution for honorary membership was read and approved.
  • A member of the lodge stepped up to pay the dues of a brother in need.
  • R∴W∴ Howard Knapp gave a talk on the 9-11 tragedy eighteen years ago and also about the close tie our lodge has had with the fire service: six of our sixty-nine masters have been firefighters
  • Please join us next week for Br:. Oureilidis’ masters degree.
Gulf Beach Masonic Lodge, No. 291, F & A M