42 Attend Master Mason Degree

Even with a tropical storm having just passed through, forty-two brothers were in attendance for the Master Mason Degree for Brothers Joshua Stavrakoglou and Mohammed Shaker. Everyone enjoyed a wonderful meal beforehand prepared by Junior Warden, Bobby Burkett. 

The Degree was done as a courtesy for St. Petersburg Lodge No. 139.

The Lecture was delivered by R∴W∴ Howard Knapp, and the Charge by W∴ Mark Sawa-Szostak.

At the end of the evening five new Master Masons from Tampa Bay Lodge No. 252 presented the newly raised brothers with the District 18 Unity Gavel (which gets passed from the last raised brother in the District to the newest raised brother).

A great time was had by all in attendance.

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Gulf Beach Masonic Lodge, No. 291, F & A M