Thursday, April 15, 2021: Stated Meeting

Sixteen members and visitors attended last night’s business meeting at Gulf Beach Lodge  Here is what was accomplished.

  • Br∴ Lukas Vanagaitas returned his fellow craft catechism led by W∴ David Neville.
  • Br∴ Steve Johnson reported that the Lodge clean-up day was a success and that small electrical issues are being addressed.
  • W∴ Oscar Salazar reported that the property clean up at one of our elderly members home went well and that there will be a follow up in the near future.
  • The craft donated $100.00 to the Tampa Shriners Hospital.
  • W∴ Mark Sawa-Szostak present proposed legislation for the upcoming Grand Lodge Communication at the Rosen Plaza Hotel in Orlando at the end of May.

Please join us next Thursday April 22nd for a Master Mason Degree for Brother Lukas Vanagaitas.

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Saturday, April 10, 2021: Lodge Cleanup

This Saturday, April 10th, we will be gathering a group of brothers at Lodge at 10:00 AM to head over to one of our brothers homes to help him with a property clean-up. This brother is 84 years old and not in any physical nor financial condition to be able to handle this himself. Charity begins at home…and this is a brother in need. Please arrive at Lodge a little early. The point of contact for any questions is W∴ Oscar Salazar at 727-421-8823.

Thank you in advance for helping a brother in need.

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Thursday, April 8, 2021: Master Mason Degree

We congratulate and welcome Brother Brian Marshall as our newest Master Mason at Gulf Beach Lodge. Thirty-nine members and visitors, including our current D∴D∴G∴M∴ Mike Rhoades, enjoyed a wonderful evening of Masonry.

The Lecture was delivered very eloquently by honorary member, R∴W∴ Bill Sundquist, and the Charge and Bible presentation were delivered by W∴ Mark Sawa-Szostak.

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