Awards Dinner 2024

Gulf Beach Lodge No. 291 held its annual Awards Dinner tonight at the Lodge. The evening began with a wonderful Chicken Cordon Bleu meal prepared by Junior Warden, Tim Delaney, assisted by the Stewards, Jim Tizzano and Brian Marshall. The keynote speaker for the evening was Howard Knapp, whose address was titled ‘The Beginnings and Legacy of Freemasonry’. Persons recognized for their achievements were Brother Alan Shedler who received the “Firefighter of the Year” award, Brother Ryan Armstrong who received the “Law Enforcement Officer of the Year” award, Ms. Leah Van Arsdale (Admiral Farragut Academy), who received the JROTC “Steven M. Fetherman Memorial” award (which was presented by Kendra Fetherman, and also Michael Castleman presented a print of his father’s watercolor painting of Admiral Farragut Academy), Ms. Lesslee Hendricks received the “Albert T. and Tupper MacMillan Scholarship” award, Brother Al Yoder received the “Newest Master Mason” award, Brother Cozy DeRosa received the “Youngest Master Mason” award and Don Harriott received recognition as a “70 Year Master Mason”.

Some other recognitions were made to the 2024 kitchen crew for their outstanding meals, the lodge Secretary, Steve Johnson, for his hard work in the office, Junior Past Master, Joe Sosa, for his efficient year as Master, and David Neville for his 16 consecutive months as employee of the month (a tongue in cheek award).

It was an excellent evening enjoyed by all in attendance.

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Gulf Beach Masonic Lodge, No. 291, F & A M