Thursday, February 17, 2022: Stated Meeting

Words can hardly express the great time that was had by all in attendance at Gulf Beach Lodge last night. Here is what was enjoyed.

  • The Junior Warden, Bobby Burkett, prepared a wonderful Shepherd’s Pie for the brothers.
  • A first time visitor was welcomed from New Richmond Lodge No. 195, New Richmond, WI.
  • A petitioner was elected to receive the Three Symbolic Degrees of Freemasonry.
  • Brother Richard Hightower received his 40 year Service Award.
  • W∴ John Cone received his 60 year Service Award.
  • Brother Robert Landuyt was elected for affiliation with Gulf Beach Lodge.
  • The craft donated $150 to the American Heart Association.
  • The craft donated $40 to the Order of Amaranth.
  • Brother Tim Delaney gave a wonderful talk on the four cardinal virtues.

Join us next Thursday for an EA Degree.

W. John Cone (L), with W. Johnson
Br. Richard Hightower
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Gulf Beach Masonic Lodge, No. 291, F & A M