March 17, 2022: Stated Meeting

It was an excellent night of Masonry at Gulf Beach Lodge, here is some of the things that went on.

  • The Junior Warden, Br∴ Bobby Burkett, prepared a great Irish meal before the meeting.
  • Thirty-seven members and visitors shared in warm fellowship
  • R∴W∴ Jim Charrette was in attendance and recognized
  • Br∴ Marshall Wood returned his EA catechism in fine fashion and will receive his FC degree next Thursday.
  • Twelve Nitram Lodge members were in attendance, including first-time visitors.
  • A first-time visitor from Three Pillars Lodge, No 192, Orillia, Ontario, was introduced and welcomed.
  • Karolis Kirmelevicius and Karolis Sematovicius received recognition and certificates for donating their time and labor to help build a ramp at the home of one of our brothers.
  • The craft donated $150.00 to adopt Ms. Heather McShane’s classroom at Starkey Elementary.
  • The Lodge collected $1,064.00 to be sent to the Grand Lodge of Ukraine for support of our brothers there.
  • Nitram Lodge members presented Gulf Beach Lodge with the District 18 Hot Gavel. The purpose of the gavel is to promote visitation within District 18.
(L-R) Lukas Vanagaitis, Karolis Kirmelevicius, Karolis Sematovicius, Steve Johnson
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Gulf Beach Masonic Lodge, No. 291, F & A M