Thursday, April 1, 2021: Stated Meeting

Highlights and photos from this meeting.

Twenty-two members and visitors attended last night’s business meeting at Gulf Beach Lodge  Here is what was accomplished.

  • Br∴ Brian Marshall returned a fantastic catechism led by Br∴ Joe Sosa
  • Br∴ Chip Cahall was presented his master mason certificate by W∴ Sawa-Szostak
  • Br∴ Richard Hightower (photo) was presented his Master Mason Exam I certificate by Br∴ Bobby Burkett, D18 Chairman of Masonic Education (and our Senior Deacon)
  • The craft donated $100 to the Masonic Park & Youth Camp in Hillsborough County
  • The craft donated $100 each to Lynn Valley Lodge No. 122; Duke of Connaught Lodge No. 64 and Park Masonic Hall (Home of Heritage Lodge No. 23) all in Vancouver Canada, whose buildings were damaged or destroyed in three acts of arson.
  • W∴ Sawa-Szostak announced that Br∴ Jim Charrette (our treasurer) will be D18 District Deputy Grand Master in 2021-22
  • Eleven articles of proposed grand lodge legislation additions or changes were presented for membership review.

Please join us next Thursday April 8th for a master mason degree for Brother Brian Marshall

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Gulf Beach Masonic Lodge, No. 291, F & A M