Thursday December 3, 2020: Stated Meeting & Election of Officers for 2021

A fantastic and very well attended night of Freemasonry last night at Gulf Beach Lodge’s Stated Meeting!

Some highlights:

The following Officers were elected to the 2021 Line: Worshipful Master: Br∴Mark Sawa-Szostak, Senior Warden: Br∴Steve Johnson, Junior Warden: Br∴Joe Sosa, Treasurer: W∴ James Charrette, Secretary: W∴ David Neville.

The following Officers were appointed to the 2021 Line: Senior Deacon: Br∴ Bobby Burkett, Junior Deacon: Br∴Buck Owens, Senior Steward: Br∴Tim Delaney, Chaplain: Br∴ Cozy DeRosa, Marshall: Br∴ Richard Hightower, Tyler: Br∴ Billy Sewell.

A hearty congratulations to all these Brothers for their willingness to serve our Lodge next year!

A petitioner was elected to receive the Three Symbolic Degrees of Freemasonry.

Right Worshipful Mike Rhoades, our current District Deputy Grand Master, was elected to receive an Honorary Membership to Gulf Beach Lodge.

Five members of the Widow’s Sons attended last night’s meeting and Right Worshipful Larry Pomeroy shared Masonic Education on the various activities conducted by the Widow’s Sons including their positive impacts on the Community.

Worshipful Mark Niceley received a Certificate of Proficiency from Br∴Bobby Burkett for completing Master Mason Exams I, II and III.

Our current Worshipful Master, Worshipful Pat Lynch delivered stirring congratulatory remarks on the newly elected and appointed 2021 Officers.

Join us next Thursday for an Entered Apprentice Degree.

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Gulf Beach Masonic Lodge, No. 291, F & A M