Veterans Day, 2021, at Gulf Beach Lodge

Gulf Beach Lodge No. 291, held a special Veteran’s Day program on Thursday November 11th. Twenty-six members and visitors from as far away as Scotland and Canada enjoyed the baked spaghetti dinner and pineapple parfait prepared by our Junior Warden, Joe Sosa, and Junior Deacon, Buck Owens.¬†The Master presented a lecture on Freemasonry in our American military, including¬†the American Revolution and Civil War. He spoke on notable Freemasons in our military, the National Sojourners, and the Masonic Service Association. All Veterans present were recognized and thanked for their service. The $200.00 collected for the dinner will be donated to the ‘Heaven on Earth for Veterans’ charity.

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Gulf Beach Masonic Lodge, No. 291, F & A M